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Five quick steps, one giant leap

MVP Ideation
Approach your idea the startup way

$ 4,800

In this 4h video conference, a specialized squad will guide you on how a startup would approach this opportunity: what is the MVP, assumptions to be validated and success metrics.
Desk Research
Be inspired by the market

$ 4,400

A research specialist will dive into other digital products, market research, and trends that can inspire your vision. Within one week, you’ll have the main insights that will influence the solution design.
Business Model
Explore revenue alternatives

$ 2,400

During this 1h session, an expert will discuss business models and income generation strategies for your product. This step opens up executives minds to new possibilities beyond their current business.
Test the assumptions with the target audience

$ 6,400

By ordering the hypothesis based on their impact and experiment feasibility, the specialists will create a live experiment to gather live data. The results report is drawn from the interaction with the final consumer.
Innovation plan
Get ready to approve investment

$ 7,000

The final step delivers a pitch deck describing validation learnings, market opportunity, and MVP strategy. There’s also a plan on how to co-create the product with your target audience so you’ll have the proper governance to assemble a squad knowing how much investment, time and metrics to use.
Innovation Coach

Throughout the process, one digital coach will help you understanding all new data created.

Fixed price

We have worked hard to be able to price our service like a product —we also hate surcharges and surprises.

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